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Questions About Golden Oaks

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About Our Home


Our daily activities focus on keeping the mind, body, and spirit active & engaged. We assist our residents in finding fulfillment and success. Our interactive program allows staff the opportunity to engage socially with our residents.

If your needs are day care, temporary, or long term, we welcome you to call Golden Oaks “home.”

Our caregivers deliver first class services that are customized and tailored for you. You will design your day and you will have the life that you want.

You deserve it.

Our Beautiful Home

We want our home to become your home.

We invite you to come and live with us, be cared for by our loving staff, and participate in enjoyable activities throughout the day that provide a sense of purpose and value.


Our staff at Golden Oaks are trained in the field of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. There are a lot that of components that go into taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s and other types of Dementia.


Our staff at Golden Oaks are trained in the field of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. There are a lot that of components that go into taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s and other types of Dementia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my loved one fit in at Golden Oaks?

Golden Oaks offers a home-like setting allowing for privacy and an intimate environment. We have men and women residing at Golden Oaks with a variety of interests. The best way to know if your family and loved one will fit in at Golden Oaks is to schedule tour. We believe that it is the feeling of the home that makes it most unique.

What makes the dining program at Golden Oaks exceptional?

We are able to personalize and customize dietary needs and wants. We prepare meals and snacks based on preference and suggestions. We encourage all of our residents to continue to enjoy eating the foods that bring them comfort. We also accommodate special diets and restrictions.

What safety features or security measures does Golden Oaks offer?

Golden Oaks is a locked, and secured home. For safety we have installed audio and visual security monitoring system in all common areas and all exterior areas of the home. We provide 24 hour awake nursing care by licensed professionals. State statutes do not allow cameras in private rooms.

How will Golden Oaks communicate with me?

We strive to keep families a part of every step and process after you have decided to make Golden Oaks home. We encourage families to visit as much as possible as well as attend all of our events and special moments with their loved ones. We ask that families members be a part of the care planning process.

What is the care staff-to-resident ratio at Golden Oaks?

We offer a 1 or 2 to 6 caregiver to resident ratio. With a home maximum occupancy of 12 we believe that this ratio allows for direct personal care and quality time that each person needs and deserves to live comfortably at Golden Oaks.

Does the staff at Golden Oaks receive continuing education?

All of our staff is certified by the state and have undergone specific training for their position prior to being hired by Golden Oaks. They are further trained in the “Golden Oaks way” at the start of employment. Subsequently, we require and provide ongoing training on topics related to the success of providing quality care to the members of our home. Some of those trainings include working with those with dementia, resident rights, infection control, how to recognize abuse and neglect, workplace safety and emergency preparedness and disaster training. Additionally there are continuing education courses required by the state that are relevant to the license of each employee.

My loved one has been found wandering the streets, how do you prevent this?

Golden Oaks is a locked and secured home, specifically to prevent those who are prone to wandering. We are equipped with security camera system, door alarms, and a low resident to staff ratio that allows staff to better keep an eye out for anyone looking to take an unsafe walk outside.

Will my loved one be bored at Golden Oaks?

We offer daily activities that promote healthy living and engagement. We take recommendations and preferences from the you and your loved one of activities they enjoyed or still enjoy doing and incorporate those into the activities program. We offer social, cognitive and motor skill development activities such as trivia games, board games, memory games, gardening, music therapy, chair yoga, daily exercise, religious activities, educational games and family table talk of topics they want to discuss.

What ongoing training does the staff receive in dementia care?

All staff are required to complete training courses with the Alzheimer’s Association at the start of employment and quarterly. Each staff member must provide the training certificated provided by the agency. Staff in-services are provided by licensed facilitators on Alzheimer’s and Dementia care.

Is there medical care at Golden Oaks?

We have on staff a part-time registered nurse, a full-time licensed practical nurse who are available to asses changes in medical condition. We have a medical doctor available to discuss any changes. If treatment is needed, it is possible that a visit to the doctor or hospital may be required. An assessment is completed before admission, annually and if there is a significant change in behavior or apparent state of wellness. The you and your loved on are involved in this process.