We offer many activities that encourage participation and stimulate the senses. Here are just a few activities we offer:

Scrapbook with life pictures help put feelings into pictures. This particular activity has a wide array of possibilities but connects residents to their loved ones while allowing staff to hear their life stories, which is incredibly important to us.

Painting is a hands-on activity with different types of non- toxic paint. Painting has a wide span of benefits including ways to express yourself, relaxation, creativity, and many others.

Move your muscles to the music is a classic method for incorporating music, turned modern. We work on rhythmic moves; yoga movements, and dancing.

Next to Nature is where we experience the best of what nature has to offer. Our homes have raised garden beds for those interested in gardening. We get fresh air and enjoy the scenery. We discuss what we see, hear and feel. Harvested flowers and foods are used in the home and kitchen, when appropriate.

Pet Therapy has been shown to significantly reduce pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, and fatigue. The bonds humans have with animals make us happier, decrease loneliness, reduce boredom, and have many calming effects. Pet therapies may include docile soft furry creatures such as baby chicks, bunny rabbits, dogs, or cats.