Individualized Care Plans

At Golden Oaks, we use the latest scientific approaches to individualized Memory Care. We integrate the latest Alzheimer’s and Dementia research into a systematic and holistic care plan for your loved one

Person-Centered Care

We believe strongly in evidence-based practices, and that every aspect of daily life should be tailored around the patient’s strengths, needs, and interests. All staff at Golden Oaks are trained in specialized care approaches that attend to psychological, social, and physical health. Our Person-Centered Care Model includes constructing an individualized care plan with tailored brain-boosting daily activities, customized nutritional plan, and social engagement plans. Person-Centered Care is holistically integrated in every level of service at our home.

Person-Centered Care has been shown to reduce negative impacts of cognitive impairment, and slow cognitive decline, even as Alzheimer’s or Dementia progresses (Kim & Park, 2017). Person-Centered care is also associated with better mental health and increased overall quality of life for the patient. Our memory care program at Golden Oaks utilizes the latest scientific approaches in order to maximize quality of life for your loved one, to make each day better than the last!


Care-Mapping is a systematic approach to tracking your loved ones goals and progress across all domains of daily living. At Golden Oaks, our Person-Centered Care Plans identify areas of strength, needs, and progress for your loved one. Care-Mapping is then used as the system by which we track progress over time to ensure that your loved one not only thrives each day, but achieves overall quality of life. In randomized control trials, Care-Mapping has been associated with a decrease of behavioral aspects of cognitive memory impairment, and also diminishes agitation (Chenoweth et al., 2009). Care-Mapping at Golden Oaks not only helps tailor individualized care, but also provides accountability for quality of care.